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Zgo Technologies award-winning products help to optimize the computing experience by enhancing user comfort, increasing desk performance and improving overall office aesthetics while using today’s technology in the most effective way.

Our monitor arms stand apart with our patented Integrated USB Docking Station, Zdock, which attaches to the base of your Zgo Monitor Arm, our heavy-duty weight capacity, which supports all monitors up to 38” and our custom side panels, which come in a variety of colors and designs.

The only monitor arm you
can Make your own.

Designing your monitor side panels will elevate the aesthetics of your office and entire work environment. Go ahead, express yourself!

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Frequently Asked

Why do I need a Monitor Arm?

A monitor arm will raise the monitor off the surface and increase your workspace. It will extend the monitor toward you so you can lean back into your chair with proper posture and prevent the need to hunch over the keyboard. A monitor arm will also provide 3-dimensional adjustability to the monitor(s) so you can easily (check out the handle option) position them where your head, neck and upper body are most comfortable while viewing the monitor.

What monitor size can my Zgo Monitor Arm support?

Any single monitor up to 38” (25.3 lbs). The ZGX Monitor with Crossbar supports (2) 27” monitors (up to 10 lbs per monitor) on the same arm.

Why do I need an Integrated Docking Station?

Having instant connectivity by plugging a single cable from the dock to your laptop makes travel/return as easy as possible, preventing you from removing/inserting every one of your devices’ cables. Also, all the charging you will ever need (7 USB ports including a type-C charging port) is directly in front of you. And having it in the base of the monitor arm, saves the desktop space usually taken up by a traditional docking station. And since all cables run through the arm and into the rear of the dock, your Integrated Docking Station eliminates ALL peripheral and device cables from your desktop!

How long has Zgo been around?

Zgo Technologies has been supporting our corporate customers around the globe for over 10-years.

How many monitors can my Zgo arm support?

Zgo has Monitor Arms that support up to 6 monitors. We promote a triple and quad (2 over 2) monitor arm on this site but if you require more or a different orientation, just email or call and we can help you with exactly what you want.

Will Any monitor work with Zgo Monitor Arms?

As long as the monitor is VESA compliant and has 4 holes in the back (there may be a cover over them), for the arm to attach to, then we can support it. The vast majority of monitors are VESA compliant, however, please note that a small few are not. You can also check by referring to the technical specifications listed for your monitor.

Can I customize my Monitor Arm’s Side Panels?

Yes, you can. Email us or call and we can show you how you can custom design your own personal side panel. It may take up to 3-4 weeks, but we can customize the panels to your exact desire!

Will my Zdock work with a Mac notebook?

Yes. No problem.

Do Zgo arms work with any desk?

Zgo’s standard Top-Down Clamp Mount is designed to simplify installation by allowing you to clamp it from above the desk, without the need to go under the desk (as with other arms). That mount supports a ½” to 2” desktop thickness. However, we have a different clamp mount that can support up to 3 1/2“ thick desk. If your desk is between 2” and 3.5”, let us know and we will send the right clamp at no additional charge.

My desk does not have a clampable edge. Can I use a Zgo arm?

Yes you can. We make other mounts that you can use. One popular mount uses a cable access hole that may be in your desk (or you can drill one – any size from ½” diameter up). If you cannot clamp anywhere to your desk, let us know and we will send you the mount you need with your arm – at no additional charge!

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