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Large Capacity Storage

The large capacity trough allows for multiple power supplies, cables and extension cords.

Large Capacity Storage

Designed for the Easiest Possible Installation

The ez access trough easily pivots and stays in that position to load during installation. When completed, it simply guides back to its original position and locks into place.

Designed for the Easiest Possible Installation

Any Size You Need - Standard

Comes in any size you require, as standard. Just specify your length in 1″ increments up to 59″. Any size ships quickly, with no long custom lead-time.

Any Size You Need - Standard

Practical Yet Stylish

EZ Access is available in white or black to match your Zgo Monitor Arm and your office décor or to simply hide in the shadows under your surface.

Practical Yet Stylish

Product Description

The ez access cable management is a sleek, simple and extremely functional way to de-clutter your workspace, manage your cables and power supplies while making your office environment cleaner, neater and more comfortable.

Product Specification
Colors: White, Black
SKU: AC-XX **XX denotes length, any size available up to 59″ (to the inch)**
Materials: The Cable Trough is made from heavy duty PVC for maximum durability. The Cable Manager Side Brackets are made from durable ABS & Metal to provide long lasting reliability.
Manufacturers Warranty: Enjoy EZ Access Cable Management worry-free. We stand behind the quality of our products, and that’s why we back our Cable Management with our 10-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.
Note: When specifying the length, provide the total length available for the cable management. This will include 1 inch on each side for the cable manager brackets, which provide ample space for cable entry and exit.

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Ratings and Review of EZ Access Cable Management

Product Review

  1. by Stephen Creasy 2 years ago

    Slick design, excellent cable management. I ordered the EZ Access Cable Management system from ZGO because it seemed to have ample space to hide cables and a slick way to do so. It did not disappoint in the least. The adjustable height, hinged trough system is genius and allows for quick and easy access. I just wish it came in more colors!

  2. by Myriam Espritt-Steptoe 2 years ago

    Durable, Simple to Install. I purchased this after seeing an ad for it on Google and I couldn’t be more pleased with it. It was incredibly easy to setup, HUGE space to store 3 power bricks, extension cords and extra cable. When you do order it be sure to read the instructions, I ordered a 45″ version b/c I thought that was the width of the tray but actually its the total width.

  3. by Mike Walsh 2 years ago

    What a great product!!. I had this ordered to 47″ since I had limited space under my desk so it fit perfectly and REALLY cleaned up the cables from the back of my desk (which was the first thing you saw when walking in to my home office) that looked more like spaghetti. It was incredibly easy to install and the pricing was far better than comparable solutions I considered. Highly recommend!!!

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