ZG1 Single Monitor Arm

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Product Configuration

  • No Handle
  • Single Handle
Cleanest Cable Management

Other monitor arms “manage” exposed cables with awkward and unattractive clips. Our technology hides wires and cables, routing them right through the arm.

Cleanest Cable Management

Easiest to Adjust

Every Zgo arm offers a monitor handle for the easiest and most intuitive adjustment available, which promotes more frequent adjustments. Now, with the touch of a finger, you can effortlessly position the monitor in 3-dimensions—wherever you are most comfortable, most healthy and most productive.

Easiest to Adjust

Easiest to Install

Unlike other monitor arms, Zgo’s patented top-down clamp mount attaches the arm to your desk from above, eliminating the need to crawl under the desk or require a 2nd installer. This greatly simplifies installation.

Easiest to Install

One Size Fits All

Your Zgo Monitor Arms support all monitors up to 24.3 pounds, which includes screens up to 38”. This also includes adding a crossbar or an additional arm to support 2 monitors, which saves significant time and money when you add or upgrade.

One Size Fits All

Modular Components

Not only do Zgo arms accommodate your monitor requirements, but All Zgo Monitor Arms also adapt to your changing needs without buying a new arm.
For example, a crossbar for 2 monitors, a laptop holder, even our integrated docking station can be easily and tool-lessly added at any time after the original installation.

Modular Components

Hidden Tools Compartment

We made it easy to install your Zgo Monitor Arm. The only tools you need are included in the side of the arm.

Hidden Tools Compartment

Three-Dimensional Adjustability

By providing three-dimensional adjustability anywhere over the desktop with a handle (optional), you can instantly and easily move the monitor (up/down and/or closer/farther) wherever you need to be most comfortable or out of the way when not in use or when the desktop is needed for other things, such as laying out a blueprint.

Three-Dimensional Adjustability

Color Your World

Choose from 12 colors to make a statement or complement your office décor. Change your look at any time! Or choose from our Designer Panel Collection for fun and exciting ways to dress up your work environment

Color Your World

Product Description

Instantly improve your computing experience by extending your monitor toward you, above the worksurface, so you can sit back in your chair with proper posture and comfortably view the monitor while easily accessing the workspace in front of you for writing and referencing.

By offering three-dimensional adjustability anywhere over the desktop with a handle (optional), you can instantly and easily move your monitor (up/down and/or closer/farther) wherever you need to be most comfortable.

With the cables hidden through the entire arm, all desktop cable clutter is eliminated, workspace is increased and you get a clean and spacious workspace that you can be proud of.

Product Specification
Monitor Size Supportable:17” to 38”
Monitor Weight Supportable:6.6 to 24.3 lbs.
Extended Arm Reach (from Desk Edge):23.6”
Vertical Arm Adjustment Range:11.4”
VESA Compliance:75 x 75mm and 100 x 100mm
Arm Swivel Range (Base and Center Joints):360° or 180° with Rotation Stop at Base
360° or 180° with Rotation Stop at Center Joint
Monitor Pivot Range:360° (For portrait/landscape usage)
Monitor Tilt Range:Forward 20° / Backward 35°
Quick Release for VESA Attachment:For ease of monitor or crossbar replacement
Desk Mounting Options:Top-Down Clamp Mount
Standard Clamp Thickness Range:.6” to 2”
Warranty Period:Limited 10 years
Sustainability:29% recycled and 99% recyclable content
Cable Management:Concealed within upper and lower arm
Arm Finish Colors:Silver, Black, Polished or White
Side Panel Colors (total of 4):12 Standard Colors and 13 Designer Panels (see Product Pages for details)

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Ratings and Review of ZG1 Single Monitor Arm

Product Review

  1. by Michael 12 months ago

    A real difference maker. it may not look like your monitor stand takes up a lot of desk space but i was really surprised by how much this monitor arm opened up my work area. I was originally interested because I thought it looked cool and from the pictures you could tell it was engineered well so the space saving was an unexpected benefit. Great product!

  2. by Jake J 1 year ago

    Simple & Heavy Duty. Where to start, I have been working from home for about 3 months now and I told my employer I was starting to have back pain and could really use a monitor so I wasn’t crouched looking at the laptop all day. I purchased this stand after a quick Google search as it stood out to me with the Polished and blue.

    When I got it, it came in a small, neat cardboard box and was fairly simple to setup. It wasn’t actually until I had it nearly all the way setup that I found the tools they had hidden inside of the arm. Overall, easy tension adjustment and works well with my new Dell 27″ monitor. Thanks employer for my reimbursement!

  3. by Fred Garland 1 year ago

    Couldn’t Install It. They don’t mention in the web site that it can’t install to a glass table. I had to return it. That’s BS!

  4. by Tom Nides 1 year ago

    Fast Shipping; Heavy Duty. As I have been transitioned to working from home I needed to find more desk space in my little apartment. I came across it mount and gave it a try. It shipped same day and I got it soo fast. Then when I received it, I was surprised by how heavy duty and durable it felt. When I set it up the adjustment was quite easy. The only thing that I struggled with was putting these tiny little screws in to lock the arms together. I dropped one of the screws on the carpet never to be found again.

  5. by Danny Bellfore 1 year ago

    Spread the word!. This arm adds color to my bleak office and lifts my spirits when I walk in. Really appreciate it!

  6. by Michael Flantea 1 year ago

    prefect mount for me. This arm mount is amazing! It’s very sturdy and strong. The monitor feels very secure when installed. It’s able to easily hold the weight of my monitor (7.7kg). It does come with built-in cable management routes under the arm that keeps everything neat. Once everything is installed, it’s easy to calibrate to the weight of your monitor. The fine-tuned arm is easy to adjust and almost makes the monitor feel weightless.

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